PictureCalifornia Legalized It!
Once again, the people have spoken, and the loser has won the Presidency. Large states like New York and California are being disenfranchised by the Electoral College, an archaic and dysfunctional system that tries hard to be democracy, but is NOT!
Hillary got nearly a quarter million MORE total votes than Emperor Trump, but our votes were not counted. This is not only wrong and troubling, but clearly does NOT reflect a real democracy.
For the second time in 16 years, the popular winner did not win the White House. The system is crooked and broken, and it now favors the Republicans.
Since a Constitutional Amendment is so unlikely, we are stuck with a rigged system that favors the Republicans to win with a minority of the total vote.
The USA is simply NOT a democracy. What a Joke! 
On the bright side, Americans voted to totally legalize Cannabis in Four more states!
  • California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts now have legalized any and all use.
  • Medical marijuana passed in North Dakota, Montana, Florida and Arkansas.
We have NOW passed the point where the MAJORITY of ALL States in the USA have legalized the Wily Weed! But the Feds under any administration are still in the Dark Ages. What will Emperor Trump do?

PictureImage is copyright by Howard Charring.
Plants are not drugs, plants are medicine. Plants have awareness, consciousness, emotions and can communicate with each other and with some people, especially a plant shaman. So here is what they told me...

We, the Plant Spirits, hold the following Truths to be Self-evident:

1. No Plant should be "illegal." 
Did God the Creator make a mistake?
Or did humans make a mistake with impetuous legislation?
ALL illegal plants are beneficial and medicinal and were used by our Founding Fathers and by all native peoples since the Dawn of Civilization. Only in the last 50 years have humans illogically outlawed God's plants... with disastrous results.  
2. No Plant should have its genes manipulated by Humans.
People, please Ban all GMO "science" on Plants. End genetic mutilations and scientific tinkering with plant genes. Human food (such as GMO corn) should never be a USA registered pesticide or have death genes placed into seed stock! GMO means playing God, and using all Americans as lab rats.
3. Plants Deserve Respect.
Plants are an ancient life form that have emotions, consciousness and intelligence, just like animals and humans.The Bristlecone Pine Tree lives for 5,000 years. The Pine Tree is a peaceful, old, wise entity that is aware. Jurema and Ayahuasca allow humans to visit the Plant Spirit World. Plants deserve the same respect given to animals

PictureRaw Opium seeping from a Poppy Pod
The various powers that be do not want you to know the following facts about the botanical world, a diverse and wild segment of planetary life that is both healing and deadly...

OPIUM POPPIES: The seeds of the potent Papaver somniferum, or traditional opium poppy, are known in America as bread poppy. Most seeds found on bagels in Starbucks and in grocery stores as poppy seed are loaded with raw opiates. Two bagels are enough to trigger a positive drug test for opiates. Opiates are narcotics, which include morphine, opium and heroin, and these plants also are the literal basis for the huge opiate pain-killer market in America. Interestingly, illegal raw opium seed and pod use have killed only three Americans in the last 40 years, but the legal, doctor-administered form of the opiate-based drugs (Oxycontin, etc.) kill approximately 40.000 Americans per year. When you soak raw poppy seeds, which you can buy at Whole Foods or in most Mediterranean food stores, they release their opiates into the water. When you cook the pods like bulk tea, it makes a bitter opiate tea, strong enough to kill people. Nearly ALL bread poppy seeds will grow opium poppy pods. Seeds are legal, opiate drugs are legal, but pods are illegal. The government does NOT want you to grow your own meds. You must pay Big Pharma big bucks to end pain. Only the big drug companies are allowed to grow illegal opium poppies... and sell their deadly extracts!
ABORTION: Pennyroyal has been used for millennia as a morning after pill. Not recommended.
CANCER: Both Cannabis and Pau D'Arco have been proven in foreign studies to both prevent and cure cancer. Both are used in hospitals in other countries for cancer treatment. We turned cancer into a big business.
SUICIDE: The lovely hemlock plant, Conium maculatum, will humanely kill you, should you have a horrible terminal illness. Just a quarter ounce of seeds will induce death by relaxation. Literally. However, all parts of the plant taste vile.
LSD or LSA: All morning glory seeds contain a drug called LSA, cousin to LSD. Commercial packs of plant seeds were coated with poison back in the 1970s to prevent people from eating them and going on long, strange trips with the Grateful Dead. Names like Heavenly Blue and Pearly Gates hint at the entheogenic properties of these plants.
MESCALINE: We all know that peyote contains the hallucinogenic drug mescaline, which is why it it illegal, but the same mescaline can be found in the very common San Pedro cacti, and the tall Peruvian Torch cactus. Both of these cacti are legal, and can be used just like peyote.
DMT: A powerful hallucinogen, DMT is ten times stronger than LSD and is found in literally hundreds of plants worldwide. The South American Mimosa hostilis root is famous for its DMT content and has been targeted by Federal authorities for interception and confiscation. Next best is root bark from the invasive Acacia confusa in Hawaii, not subject to customs issues. Yopo and Cebil trees can be found growing wild in Hawaii and Puerto Rico and its seeds are also rich in DMT. One North American analog is Phalaris arindinacea, a perennial grass that thrives in the USA and can be juiced like wheat grass for a real wild trip down the proverbial rabbit hole with Alice.
MAGIC MUSHROOMS: The many species of Psilocybin mushrooms all contain hallucinogenic chemicals. They can be found growing wild all over North America, and can be easily grown indoors from legally purchased spawn. These shrooms have been used by native shaman for literally thousands of years.
DIVINER'S SAGE: Another short-term hallucinogen, Salvia divinorum will take you out of your body with just one toke, similar to the DMT plants. This sage is illegal or controlled in half of all states in the USA. These tropical  plants are easy to grow, but like mimosa, one frost will kill them.
DATURA: Daturas all contain atropine, which is used in medicines for motion sickness. Atropine is a natural antidote to deadly nerve poisons. However, a hundred seeds can kill you without mercy. Two seeds eaten before bedtime can induce wild dreams and out of body experiences in dream land.
CASTOR BEAN: Castor beans are lovely tropical plants, but its Latin name Ricinus gives us a hint to the seeds being the main way to make Ricin, a deadly poison (made famous in a Japan terror attack and the TV series Breaking Bad).
Favored by witches for centuries, a tincture of belladonna will induce a vivid out-of-body experience. However, too much can kill you. The berries are tasty and can fool you into death by deliciousness.
DEPRESSION: Saint John's Wort is widely used in Europe for depression. But Big Pharma cannot make money off a common plant, so in America, it is degraded by physicians and the medical industry.
COMFREY: Comfrey contains allantoin, a remarkable cell regenerator. Physicians again point out its problems with internal use, but comfrey heals everything from broken bones to scabs and cuts.
SEAWEED: Sea vegetables, like kelp and dulse, are the richest source of diverse trace minerals in the world. Added here as alternative nutritional info. Eat them daily. I put powdered kelp in a salt shaker and shake it on everything.

GOD made all these plants for a reason. Men are trying to control God and usurp the magic of plants.

PictureYeshua, a Jew, healer, husband, father and minister.
In September of 2006, Jesus Christ visited me at home, an unusual event even for a shaman who talks to the Spirit World constantly. He appeared suddenly, called me his "old friend," and then laid his hands on my heart to heal many lifetimes of wounding. My heart burned for several days afterwards. He gave me a series of messages, then told me to go to Jerusalem, soon.
Three months later I flew alone to Israel during Hanukkah, just as I was instructed by Yeshua. I felt completely at peace and very calm despite entering a virtual war zone. I visited the Old City of Jerusalem and sites around the Sea of Galilee where I once walked with Yeshua, as well as the closed and mined John of the Waters baptismal site on the Jordan River, and the ruins of the ancient Essene community at Khirbet Qumran overlooking the Dead Sea where Yeshua studied metaphysics, located near the base of a still-flowing desert waterfall. I saw wild camels and urban Uzis.
During that sojourn, I saw Yeshua many times, and was guided by both him and the Archangel Gabriel. Early one morning I arrived as the first visitor at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the walled city of Old Jerusalem. As I looked into the black, cold, darkened stone tomb inside the Church, I felt both fear and confusion, as I instantly knew this was NOT his real tomb; it was way too creepy. Then, Yeshua began talking to me and delivered the following message or Sepulcher Sermon, written entirely within the Church as fast as I could scribe, and presented unedited here for the first time.
These are the actual words of Jesus as given to me, his humble disciple:

“Do not fear the darkness, for even in the darkest of places and the darkest of times, I AM there. Fear not, for wherever thouest go I will bring Light, and wherever thouest tread I will bring Love.
Thou shalt not want and thou shalt not suffer, for I AM shall provide you with Eternal Life. Even though you shall die, You are not dead.
Live in peace and harmony with your brothers and sisters, for they are like you unto the Lord. For thou art Holy in thine heart. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they are like Me. Unto them shall bestown the riches of love.
I tell you this, O brethren: do not fear what you do not understand. The ways of my Father are mysterious and shall be seen in those to whom you may condemn. The seers and prophesiers shall have a knowing that comes from God, though you may not understand it. Feel in your heart for the truth, and trust that not all things are revealed to you now. But allow your mind to open like your heart to the wonders of the Spirit, and be filled only with love for Me and My Father.
Pray to Me, but remember that what you create is not always what you think you want. Accept what you do not understand, and go forth into the world with only love in your heart.
He who hates in My name does not speak for Me. I AM Love. Love is the only Truth in the world. Love is the healer.
Open your heart to Me and I will come to you.
I AM the ONE, the One Soul that binds all Souls in the Heart of God.
In the One Truth of the Soul of God lies the Heart of Love.
Dearest Father, bless this Holy child and all who hear these words.”

© Copyright, 2015, by Donald Haslam. Reuse and reprinting allowed ONLY with attribution.
  • Feed Your Heart, Not your hate.

PictureThe Shaman, ancient healer and medicine man
Shamanism is an ancient healing modality, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, only even older. Both of these effective forms of healing work with different forms of energy, but shamanism works often with Spirit energies. Christians pray to Jesus, while the shaman has a conversation with Jesus.
Shamanism is the official religion of Mongolia, and as such, would be the oldest religion in the world, but it was taught to me by master shaman Bonnie Serratore as a healing system. Nearly ALL ancient native cultures worldwide have had shamans as their spiritual leaders and as Spirit healers. Native plants are consumed worldwide as an integral part of this ancient religion, often to accelerate access to the entire Spirit World and the three different dimensions of reality. They can use these plants to find their Animal Spirit Helpers and talk directly to Plant Spirits. 
Six of these sacred plants are currently illegal in the USA. The shaman's use of sacred plants predates the very existence of the good ol' USA by many millennia. These plants are an integral part of my religion and I have a God-given right to use them, in spite of human's "laws."
Most forms of shamanism worldwide have three basic healing tenets:
   Core emotional healing, entity removal, and soul retrieval.
Core Emotional Healing: Healers who can read energy can sometimes see the emotional body, where all our wounding is held. We acquire energetic templates from these wounds that often make us sick and run our lives unconsciously. Shamans work to expose these wounds and heal them by revisiting the original pain. It must be FELT to be neutralized. Once the many layers of the onion of pain are peeled back, only love remains. Life patterns change and improve. Disease disappears. (With the sudden recognition that my buried emotions caused disease, I have since not had even so much as a cold in over seven years. I now always FEEL my uncomfortable emotions, especially fear. Men typically bury their fear, but feel their anger. Women do the opposite.)  
NOTE: Most disease is caused by buried, rejected, unfelt emotions!!!
Entity Removal: We all have entities within our current human bodies, sometimes thousands of them. They can be human souls that did not cross over at death (aka ghosts) including dead relatives, or, they can be evil creatures from the underworld such as demons and dragons, or, they may be alien creatures from other worlds in our current universe. They all cause problems in our lives and in our bodies, they can cause disease, they can replace our thoughts, and influence our emotions. We are much healthier with entities removed. They come in during unconsciousness due to drugs or passing out. Hospitals are notorious for hundreds of entities lurking about, as are prisons. A recent visit to Alcatraz with a fellow psychic revealed hundreds of evil entities still lurking in the cells. Entities rob us of our free will. They may want us to do drugs or molest children. We once removed a dead Catholic priest who was a pedophile in life, but was afraid of going to hell, so he never crossed over. His ghost still wanted the experience of being a pedophile in a host human body. A very bad influence to have inside your head and human body.
Soul Retrieval: Pieces of our outer soul can be stolen by a variety of creatures, including demons, aliens and even other humans. The shaman's soul leaves his/her body to travel out into the various worlds to retrieve these pieces of lost and stolen soul. Aliens had some pieces of my soul, and so did my ex-wife! The relevant aliens were bartered with, but the ex had to be overpowered by the shaman who was healing me to bring my soul pieces home to me. Afterwards, I felt so much more whole.
Unlike some forms of witchcraft, which can use demons as allies, the shaman is taught how to fight, remove and destroy demons. I know a master shaman who uses his paid vacation time to fly into massacre sites to clean up the energy, like Bosnia and Africa. He crosses over the many lost Spirits or ghosts back to Home, he kills the lurking demons, and he closes off the portals to the underworld that are the wormholes to our world from the underworld. He refuses to be identified, but his unique work is legendary in some shaman circles. I met him when he hosted one of Bonnie's three day shaman trainings. We spent the evening talking about sex and God with a roomful of fellow shaman, and watching an old cultist movie about demons.


Evil dragons and demons are real. Not believing in them actually makes you more vulnerable to their evil influence. Shamans know that most misery in the world is fueled by demons and dragons as the actual harbingers of real evil in the world. Both come from the underworld, the land of Satan, but the dragons have their own world, according to my master shaman teacher, Bonnie Serratore.
For a very accurate account of what a real demon possession is like, see the movies based on true stories: Deliver Us From Evil and/or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. To see what many demons look like, watch the movie Constantine. I have seen both demons and dragons. All demons and dragons consume hatred and fear as for food. Dragons make great, if not raging warriors; demons are pure evil and like to collect human Souls.
In my limited experience, there are three types of demons in our world: Gargoyles, Shape-Shifters, and the Giant Winged Demons. We all have the garden-variety gargoyles within us. I have had over a handful removed from me already, with more yet to remove. These mostly live within people's bodies and cause pain and suffering and return to us in every incarnation. They are nasty creatures that push us towards doing bad things.
The Shape-Shifters can look like anything, from giant eels to furry monsters to Jesus, and are similar to the gargoyles in threat level.
The Giant Winged Demons, however, are much more dangerous and can literally take over human bodies and inflict physical harm. Your belief system is irrelevant. These are the nasty demons portrayed in movies like the Exorcist, which was also based upon a true story. They can make blood run down walls, levitate people, throw objects across a room, and speak through the victim. Here in the Bay Area, we had one tell a woman to throw her three kids off the pier, where the demon immediately snatched their Souls as they each drowned. Just because you hear a voice telling you to do things does NOT mean it is a good entity, or that you should listen. Many demons have been brought into homes via a Ouija board. Never own, play with or use one, ever.
Dragons are not as dangerous as demons. All the ones I have ever encountered have been huge, pitch black with large scales, and very intelligent. They are loyal and battle ready, but are of little use in a modern society. They love battle violence and were essential to the survival and success of many warlords. Genghis Khan had many dragons, Hitler had many demons.
All creatures of the underworld, including demons and dragons, answer to Satan. However, a well kept shaman secret is the following: Since the advent of the new millennium, Satan has rejoined God and moved from being a fallen angel back to being in the service of the Light and the love of God. Those in the know now refer to him as Lucifer of the light. I was once in the same room with Lucifer and he is just not that scary anymore. But...
The giant winged demon that attacked me years
ago was really scary. My Guardian Angels woke me up and quickly told me to get up, light a fire in our fireplace, burn some sage sticks, and chant over and over: "Burn, Burn, and Never Return." It worked. A good demon fighting kit includes wearing a pure silver cross, owning a leather-bound Bible, putting salt across your doors, burning sage, stocking Holy water in house, and always remember that pure love is stronger than pure evil.    

PictureBlack Plants Matter.
Black Plants matter! May I say, ALL plants matter? Are you listening Bernie and Hillary? Police everywhere are using natural gunstock made of black walnut wood to shoot black people. A weird form of black on black violence.
We have groups espousing black rights and gay rights and women's rights and children's rights and all kinds of rights for all kinds of  humans, we have the animal rights groups who think animals are more important than humans and should have equal rights, and we have me who thinks that plants should have rights and that PLANT LIVES MATTER! An idea whose time has not come.
The lives of BLACK Henbane matter, and
BLACK Cherry, and BLACK Cherry Tomatoes, and BLACK Walnut, and BLACK Opium Poppies, and BLACK Dracula orchids, not to mention the BLACK Bat Flower, BLACK Lace Elderberry, BLACK Mourning Widow, BLACK Velvet plant, BLACK Mondo grass, Black Snakesbead Iris,
BLACK Basil, BLACK Bugbane, BLACK Devil's tongue, BLACK Cow Parsley, BLACK Cobra Lilies and dark Chocolate Cosmos, to name just a few BLACK plants. The lives of ALL black plants matter.
Now to the issue of the lives of black people. Yes, the police do murder unarmed black teens with alarming frequency and without accountability. I have railed on US drug laws for years because they are enforced by law enforcement in a statistically proven racist manner. But black parents please take note, IF you buy your black teen a realistic looking gun that is missing the orange safety cone tip, they YOU, not the police, are responsible for his fatal shooting. Do NOT buy him a fake gun that looks real, then complain when he is shot by the police. This is YOUR fault. Be aware that YOU put a target on his back. The police must assume the gun is real. Their lives depend on this assumption. They have only a split second to react.
The 'Black Lives Matter' folks should realize two truths: Most violence upon black people is far and wide caused by OTHER BLACK people. Yikes! And, disrupting a liberal candidate like Bernie Sanders is just plain dumb and dumber and very counter-productive. Why alienate all the liberal whites who mostly agree with you already? Your real enemy lies and lives in your own black communities and they have black skin, and they are not black plants. Black PLANTS MATTER!

PictureThe six-inch Ata mummy from Chile being dissected at Stanford.
The DNA tests are in, as are the lab reports from Stanford University scientists who declare this to be REAL. But a real WHAT?
This body is that of a real entity, determined by DNA testing to be partly from a Chilean native woman. The DNA is 91% human, with the other 9% being a mystery. In other words, the father is UNKNOWN. In other words, it is less human than a chimpanzee. In other words, science cannot fully explain this dead entity.
Yet all the media outlets either ignored this story completely, or, called this a human body, trying to explain the alien-looking skull as just a genetic anomaly. But the Stanford team said no gene mutations, just millions of pairs of previously unknown DNA sequences.
The scientific tests at Stanford University in Palo Alto were the subject of a recent documentary called Sirius. While it fails to solely focus on the Atacama Humanoid and wanders the full breadth of UFO conspiracies to squashed free energy devices, it offers some very scientific evidence on the Ata mystery humanoid.
The scientists concluded that this male human "hybrid" lived for between six and eight years on Earth, and died about 100 years ago at the tiny height of six inches. It appeared to have died in the Chilean Atacama desert and was naturally mummified by the dry heat. But, again, what the MUFON is it?
The enlarged head is natural, full bone structure, born that way. The body has only 10 ribs, not the normal 12. No other cases of humans having only 10 ribs has ever been recorded. And that head. Looks just like a Grey Alien head. Hence the notion that this is the body of a real human-alien hybrid. And why is it so tiny? The marker genes for dwarfism are not present.
A Chimp matches over 97% of human DNA. This creature is only 91% human! Imagine if the Huffington Post declared that a chimp is human! Well, they declared this "thing" to be human. But...
It is NOT human. It had a Chilean mother, but likely, an alien father. That is the most logical explanation. And we have no idea what Grey Alien DNA looks like. Might it have human overlaps just like a chimp?
Wake up America! Aliens are real. The evidence is right in your face, and you choose to ignore it.

Stanford University X-ray image of the Atacama Humanoid.
I have a thriving bee hive here in suburbia in a major USA city. About 50,000 worker bees stay busy all day long bringing in huge hauls of pollen and nectar, the latter to be mixed with bee saliva and made into an ancient wonder food: honey (honey never spoils or gets moldy). The bee hive and the beekeeper have a symbiotic relationship with many mutual benefits. My bees are like family pets. And, unlike dogs and cats, they are essential to human life on this planet.

More than HALF of all honey bees in the USA have DIED in the last 10 years! Extinction looms! Bayer company makes widely-used pesticides that contain neonicotinoids, a most unnatural chemical that causes brain damage in bees so that they cannot find their way home and quickly die. The whole colony can collapse (Colony Collapse Disorder) with the death of all the worker bees, the drones, and the queen herself. Wake up America! The EPA knows that specific pesticides are killing off our bees, and yet refuses to take on the corporate profit machine (we know this thanks to Edward Snowden). According to Albert Einstein, humans would die off in only four years after the extinction of the honey bee. (We are all familiar with his famous equation, H=bp2, or Honey equals the bees times pollen squared.)

The social structure of the bee hive is both complex and fascinating. A thriving hive can contain 60,000 bees who are mostly female worker bees always on the go, but it also contains the larger and stinger-less male drones who mate with the queen and rarely leave the inner hive. The one Queen Bee, who can lay well over 100,000 brood eggs in her lifetime, lives at the center of the hive.
When it gets too hot, a squad of bees provides wing-powered AC by buzzing the hot air out of the hive. Still too hot? Some of the brood-tending bees will gather in front of the hive in a large clump to cool things off inside.

A single hive can hold hundreds of pounds of honey and pollen in its beeswax combs. Bees turn raw pollen into "bee cake" for food, raw nectar into honey for food, and the bees also produce wax that they shape into combs, propolis (a natural antibiotic) that is used to line the inner hive, and Royal Jelly which is fed to all of the young brood and also the adult queen bee. Royal jelly is loaded with protein, healthy fatty acids, numerous vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as well as having antibacterial properties. Beeswax burns clean, whereas, paraffin, a petroleum product used in candles, burns toxic. Bee pollen is very beneficial for hay fever and allergies to pollen. The more local the pollen, the better for your allergies. My bees bring back pollen in many colors, currently deep and light orange, pale yellow and dull white. They mix pollen with some honey to make their special bee cake and then pack it into comb cells for future use. They also pack raw honey for food. Here in central California, some varieties of pollen and/or nectar are available all year round, so they continue to forage and feed.

Unlike many humans, bees work together for the good of the future hive, more like an extended family. Even though worker bees die in a few months, they spend their entire lives gathering nectar and pollen to stash as food for the future group of unborn hive members who will live off that stored food for the lean winter months. They land on each other and hang all over each other and never get irritated about the close quarters. But if you are not a hive member, you are considered a threat and will be attacked. Stray bees who try to rob my hive are immediately pounced upon by the guard bees, and stung and killed. Both bees die, but the hive is protected. Ants are a different matter. The beekeeper must step in to ward off these robber barons and help the bee colony keep its honey.

Dear Vegans: Eat more honey! Without beekeepers tending bees, they would be disappearing even faster! We, the American beekeepers, keep your fruits and vegetables pollinated so that you have vegan food on your table. Unless you are willing to climb up into an avocado tree and hand pollinate every flower for the entire bloom time, they will literally disappear from the Earth altogether without bees. Bees are disappearing in geometric proportions. Do the math.

In the end, one hive can pollinate over 300 million flowers in a single day! One hive can produce up to 150 pounds of honey each year with enough left for the bees to be happy. A hive also produces beeswax, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. In regards to bee pollen, here I agree with the vegans. Bee pollen traps scrape off the pollen as the bees enter the hive, causing limbs to sever and harm to the bees. If you really care about the bees, refuse to support this method of pollen collection. But as to honey collection, it is typically done without harm to the bees. Honey is a super food put here by God and made by bees for humans to responsibly enjoy. Honey is healthy, and honey bees are essential to life.

A shaman friend of mine challenged me to define God. Since this has virtually been a life mission for me, I was eager to comply. My explanation left him speechless. One caveat: You must read all three parts before this is done...
God Defined:
  1. God is a Supreme Being. Like the big three fear-based religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) state, God as a Creator actually exists. This true God has no gender, no form, but is pure loving energy. God looks like bright White Light and feels like unconditional Love. God both talks and listens. This is the One Parent of all Souls, the Great Spirit. This entity is still alive and lives in the Upper World, or Heaven. I know this through direct experience.
  2. God is our Soul. The entity that reincarnates into human bodies and alien bodies is a small clone of the Great Spirit. This Soul or Spirit is a baby God, a true piece of God itself. This Soul can be experienced directly, and it can consciously leave the live human body. This Soul is eternal, conscious, glowing in love. This inner Soul is the focus of Buddhism and other metaphysical religious offshoots like the Sufis. I know this through direct experience. 
  3. God is literally everything. There is nothing other than God. God, the Creator, made the known universe out if ItSelf, I AM, not out of "other." This is self-evident. At the Big Bang about 14 Billion years ago, God had all of the matter in the entire known universe in a ball the size of a thimble, and then instantly expanded it. Energy equals matter, when you factor in the speed of Light, or the God Factor. They are all the same thing. Everything, every bit of matter, every wisp of energy, every thought, all Light, all evil, it is ALL God, always, in all ways, it all came from God, it is Non-Dual. We construct duality in our minds. But the origin of all is God and God is in all. I know this also through direct experience.

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    Dateline Nov., 2016
    New Rules: No advertising allowed on my blog. If you post with a link, you will not be allowed to comment. This website is ad-free. Only Cannabis links will be allowed from now on.
    Dateline Jan., 2016
    White Buffalo Trading joins a Class Action lawsuit against Paypal for violating Federal laws regarding closed accounts and illegally frozen assets.

    Dateline May, 2015
    US Bankers join War on Sacred Plants. PayPal shuts down White Buffalo Trading website. Upset over seed descriptions that tell the truth, PayPal banned the owner of WBT for life and froze over $7,000 in funds.

    Dateline May, 2014
    Amendment 25 to H.R. 4660, an Appropriations bill, marks the first time in history that Congress has voted (219-189) in favor of ending the federal DEA’s funding to attack medical marijuana outlets. After six previous failed attempts to pass similar legislation, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) proposed Amendment 25, which passed with a record “high” 49 Republicans joining all 170 Democrats to vote for the pot provision. In the previous attempts, no more than 15 Republicans voted in favor.

    Dateline Jan. 1, 2014

    First day legal Cannabis sales were over $1 Million in Colorado.

    Dateline Jan. 13, 2014
    Obama's Feds raid more than a dozen State-legal pot shops in Colorado.

    Dateline Dec., 2013

    Uruguay Legalizes Weed! The Government will grow and sell weed in 2014.


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    Aug, 2013: The Obama Administration announces a new policy AGAINST mandatory minimum sentences for non- violent drug offenses wisely realizing that our prisons are over capacity because half the inmates are there for drug and plant violations, affecting minorities far more than us white folk.

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