Sugar or Heroin? What's your Fix?
A new study from Boston scientists published this week in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows how sugar in general and High-fructose corn syrup in particular affects the same area of the brain as heroin and cocaine and other heavy drugs with identical results: craving for more. The study shows the same results as a CBS 60 Minutes study by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in 2012 that used a CAT scan to observe the human brain on sugar .
Sugar is an addictive drug on a par with heroin.
With 40% of Americans already OBESE from this deadly drug, American companies are bombarding the airwaves with ads suggesting government is overbearing and over-regulating the fats and sugars in our food. "Give me a break" is their line on regulation. Clearly half of America is NOT capable of making smart food choices on their own, and the result is a nation dying of food-related diseases by the millions, severely impacting our health system due to our freedom to commit suicide slowly with poor food choices. Fast suicide is illegal, slow suicide by food is normal.
Americans treat fatty foods and a myriad of real and fake chemical sugars like legal drugs that can be consumed in a large quantity with impunity. The average American consumes nearly one-half pound of sugar EVERY single day! We waste billions of dollars on the stupid War on Drugs (which is 90% a war on marijuana, a medicinal plant)  when the most dangerous drugs are already in the food that most Americans eat every day at McDonalds! Sugar and fat consumption lead to heart disease, diabetes and colon cancers, some of the top killers of all Americans. We kill ourselves with food on a grand scale in America, with the support of corporations and the US government. And the American tobacco industry.

Media blackout alert!
This week, plant activists in Oregon, called domestic terrorists by our FBI (itself a terrorist organization), have burned and hacked 6,500 GMO sugar beets to death. Poor plants will not get to grow up and pollute the beet gene pool. Did you hear about it on the news?
This was clearly an organized effort by many people who must object to American GMO food products enough to risk jail time. Sounds like a conspiracy. Or perhaps a movement.
The activists were possibly protesting the signing by Obama of the Monsanto Protection Act in March of 2013. The bill, formally called the Farmer  Assurance Provision, protects Monsanto's GMO crops from legal challenges even while the effects of GMO crops on human health are still being evaluated. Even Obama is is bed with Monsanto. The USDA is run by former Monsanto executives, through both Democrat and Republican administrations alike.
Since the Earth Liberation Front has not claimed responsibility, nor did any other domestic radical environmental group, one has to wonder, so who did this? One culprit may be other Oregon farmers who lost their ability to sell their wheat to Japan. Why? Because of one report of one field in Oregon having GMO wheat, the entire state's crop was banned by Japan for one year.
What most Americans don't realize:

America is ONE of only three countries worldwide that allow GMOs into their country! (right up there with the forward thinking Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on this one.) No industrialized nation in the world, except the USA, allows GMO products into their food!  ALL of the world's GMO food is consumed unlabeled in the USA!!

Actual body of a tiny Naree Pon, sequestered in a Buddhist Temple.
Even Buddha himself knew about the Thai Tree People many centuries ago. But this "mythical" creature, the subject of a 2011 showing of Destination Truth (season 4, episode 13), has some scientific evidence to support it: two tiny bodies with arms and legs and the head of a plant that are kept in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. Strange but true.

The Naree Pon or the "Thai Tree People" are said to be small human-like creatures that grow on a specific tree in the Himmaphan Forest of Thailand. Legend says they grow from a stalk attached to their heads and form into small human-like beings with a plant-pod head and long arms and legs that only live for seven days. (Soooo... do they wiggle around, talk, eat or what? Stuck to the tree for life?????)

When scientists subjected the twin Temple bodies of the Naree Pon to an X-ray machine, they found a human skeletal system inside. Tests on the withered human-like flesh showed it to be of plant origin. Excuse me? Close examination of the head shows features that resemble plant pods and leaves. Had it been a fake, the X-ray would show a break in the neck and a fake head. The head has eyes, ears and a mouth on some kind of seed pod thing.

When Josh Gates, host of Destination Truth, showed the photos to an expert, he was mystified. He said they looked like human fetuses, but with longer arms and totally distorted heads. Perhaps a rare birth defect that was naturally aborted might be an explanation for a single anomaly, but there are TWO bodies that look quite identical. Even twins would not mutate into such identical weird beings. Their heads are just bizarre plant like composites.

If you watch the Destination Truth show (available from Netflix) and pause the video and examine the creature on a large HD TV, you can see that the creatures are real and not glued together composites of some sort. The story of them being a tree pod are more bizarre than the bodies themselves. Maybe in Thailand  the old cabbage patch story of where babies come from was not such a big lie after all!

My friends always say about Bigfoot, "Show me a body!" Well, my friends, with the Naree Pon, you get two!

Resting comfortably in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand.
Any day now, the US Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage.

One side says you cannot give gays and lesbians the right to marry and then take that right away. It is a matter of civil rights and equality for all.
On the other side, the anti-gay contingent, has few legal arguments, the primary one being that the people of California passed an initiative to ban gay marriage. Therefore, the will of the people must prevail.
This is the same argument that was used to resist Civil Rights for Black Americans in the early 1960s. All of which raises an interesting point: What does America do when the majority of Americans want something that is not fair or legal or even morally right? How do you reconcile democracy with ingrained prejudice? In this case, it is mixed up with religious fervor.
The current polls show that a majority of Americans now support gay marriage. That is true only until the Mormon Church spends millions of its dollars to influence public opinion on this or other political issues. Seems like a mingling of church and state policy. If churches become political action committees, shouldn't they lose their non-profit status? Once millions of dollars are spent on advertising by special interest groups like a tax-exempt church, the fickle public opinions change just enough to tweak the elections, even if it's temporarily. I bet that Prop 8 would not pass today in California, unless enough advertising was done to change public opinion for a month.

This issue is largely a generational gap, just like views on marijuana. Young people are mystified by the idea that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry. It's overtly absurd and harmful to their gay friends, who are a lot of fun to go out with. My daughters and other young Americans all have had openly gay friends; the older generation from WW2 has gay friends as well, but they are still hiding in the closet, so most of that generation are clueless about that reality in their ignorant bubble of false belief. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, where gay people are killed to purify the religious state, young gays are not so well known and/or accepted.
I predict that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of human rights for all people, including gays. This is truly a question of equal rights under American law. There is no real moral reason to exclude one group of people from certain inalienable rights. Soooo... just for the sake of discussion, let's make it illegal for fat people to marry. You don 't choose your sexual orientation, you are born with it. However, being fat is a choice. Makes more sense to me than banning gays. It would prevent more fat people from being born, right? Isn't that how it works? If I believe it is true, then it is!
Really, if gay folks want the right to marry, don't forget, you also get the right to suffer several divorces, as I have. Married life is not always a rainbow of fun. It can be utter misery as well, as can post-married life.
All kidding aside, every human being has a right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation, or race, or religion, or disability, or color of hair. Exclusion is prejudice. And this silly Republican mantra that "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" is both lame and irrelevant. God made both Adam and Steve gay. So take it up with God.

The author on a Bedouin camel at Qumran next to the Dead Sea
From Qumran to Jerusalem's Temple Mount: Extracting Essene Essence from the Land of Judea and the Holy Wailing Wall

I have walked the entire Via Dolorosa and explored every corner of the Old City of Jerusalem. I walked across and even under the Temple Mount, sitting on the very steps where Jesus once preached. I prayed alone inside the Tomb of Jesus at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I collected water at the Jordan River at the closed site of John the Baptist. I drove alone through the occupied West Bank amidst wild camels and Uzi toting Israelis. I wandered alone through Palestinian cities and ate with them in local felafel cafes, being eyed suspiciously as I ate. I was entranced with the pungent open-air spice markets which haven't changed in 3,000 years. I visited the Essene ruins at Qumran, destroyed in 70 AD,  to unlock its secrets about Jesus the Nazarene, the Essene Jew from Nazareth, or Nazareth Essene. I ate lunch with an Arab-Israeli-Christian business owner who was rejected by all factions and discussed Mideast issues. I walked along the shores of the Sea of Galilee where the apostles were recruited. I studied the ancient history of King Solomon's Temple and the original 12 Tribes of Israel. I prayed at the Wailing Wall, separated from the women, as silly Jewish tradition dictates (while not far away, heavily armed teenage women took a break from their duties with the IDF).

Americans are divided on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In general, Liberals support the Arabs, Republicans the Israeli government. Who you support is almost exclusively determined by how far back in history you choose to travel before stopping and declaring THAT moment as the time in history to return to in order to resolve all the historical problems we currently face. Israelis point out that they have been exiled by force for 2,000 years and this has always been their land since the great exile from Egypt some 10,000 years ago. The other side says they prefer the post-Ottoman Empire period after WW1 up to the creation of Israel by the United Nations mandate in 1947, or perhaps prior to the Arab-created Six-Day War in 1967 that led to the current Israeli "occupation of formerly Arab land" that was formerly all Jewish land. I admit, today the Israelis are brutal murderers just like USA forces in war time, BUT, neither the US nor the Israelis deliberately target innocent school children on public buses for mass murder like the Palestinians and other Muslim factions do on an annual basis.

What I concluded from my travel to Israel is certainly not "politically correct" I learned that the American political Left, including many of my friends, do not like Israel at all (or my strong views on Israel as a non-Jewish supporter), nor do they really know anything about the Temple Mount or its history. All they know is, those militaristic Israelis kill poor Palestinians: Public Radio tells us so and we are all upset about it. Express your inner anger at the bad Jews. We could talk about who starts all these wars (not Israel), but that is not my charge here. I agree, it is a complex mess with bad guys on both sides, and the Israelis are fiercely nationalistic and defensive (3,000-13,000 years of genocide would give any tribe or race a bit of a persecution complex), but,  it all still comes down to one irresolvable issue:

Ownership and control of the 3,000-year-old Sacred Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem. 

The Mideast region is rich in religious history, and complex in religious diversity, and yet, most of the holy religious sites in Old Jerusalem are not at all based upon historical facts, but old tradition, personal embellishment from the mother of Emperor Constantine, and various degrees of religious politics imposed by conquerors of all descriptions and ethnicities. In other words, other than the Temple Mount, ALL of the current religious sites in Jerusalem are bogus.  From the Via Dolorosa to the Last Supper site to the Tomb of Jesus to Islam's Dome of the Rock, none are based on historical reality. They are all bogus manufactured religious sites with no basis in historical fact whatsoever. Even the existing Wailing Wall is not part of the original Temple Mount as is believed by most people, including some Jews. Muhammad never set foot in Palestine nor Jerusalem, and Jesus was buried in a fancy tomb in a garden setting far outside the Old City walls: the current tomb is totally bogus.  

One fact everyone seems to be able agree upon: the center of the Temple Mount was built over the very spot that Abraham offered his son to God. All three major, fear-based religions claim this spot in their heritage: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All have built temples upon this spot at some time in history. The Holy Temple once housed the actual Ark of the Covenant with  the original Ten Commandments from Moses himself. Clearly, the original Jewish ownership of the Mount is insurmountable.  King David legally purchased the land (after killing Goliath) some 3,000 years ago to build the Temple Mount, and his son Solomon built the First Holy Temple in 2,000 BC which was the center of Judea and the Jewish religion for about 500 years. The invading Babylonians destroyed the First Temple, which was soon rebuilt even larger and more grandiose than before and it stood through the time of Jesus. In 68 AD, the Romans destroyed every stone of the Second Holy Temple, but they left the Temple Mount intact, and it remains today as the holiest site in all of Judaism, literally connecting back to Moses and King David and the original 12 Tribes of Israel who rightfully owned this land for thousands of years. The invading Roman, Byzantine, Babylonian, Persian, Ottoman, Assyrian, Christian and Muslim armies all took the Temple Mount and its surrounding city by force from the Jews, or from each other. It rightfully belongs to the Jewish people, period. The whole thing: all of the Old City is stolen Jewish land. The Muslims don't belong there any more than the Romans did. Taking and holding the Jewish Temple by force has caused conflict for 2,000 years now, and caused the Jewish Uprising by the Zealots (one of the four Jewish sects under the Roman occupation of Judea, which also included the sect of the mystical Essenes to which Jesus belonged; three of the four Jewish sects were completely obliterated by the Roman genocide of the Jews and a single man preserved the traditions of the fourth). This is the heart of the on-going Mideast conflict: ownership of the Temple Mount and what sits upon it.

Pursuing peace cost one Israeli Prime Minister his life from a fellow Israeli turned political assassin. Not everyone wants peace. Fear is the emotion that dominates Israelis. Despair dominates the Palestinian emotions. Many have valid reasons to be angry, on both sides. But history clearly proves two things: the Jewish people built and rightfully own the Temple Mount and so have the right to build upon a temple upon it; and two, the Muslim claim that Muhammad ascended from that spot is as bogus as the Christian's claim that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher marks the real spot where Jesus was buried. No shred of truth in either case, and top religious scholars know this. Religious Myth should not rule logic and fact and current political thought. And here is where all sides will choke:

The Road to Peace is a Bumpy Piece:

Step One. First and foremost, all sides must agree that ALL sides have a fundamental right to exist in peace and to live upon a physical area that can be called Home or Country. This applies to both the Palestinians and the Israelis, to name a few. Genocide is not an option. Win-win is the only option. This agreement is the foundation to anything further, including basic peace talks. The right to exist is not negotiable nor exclusive. Iran and all Arab countries must agree to this right as well or face worldwide isolation as a clear blockade to peace. The Civil War in Syria will continue to be a wild card in the peace process, but all Arab countries must agree to let Israel exist in peace. That is Step One: the right to exist.

Step Two: A Palestinian vote that embraces co-existence in a two-country state. Once the threat of imminent harm is eliminated, Israel must stand down and stop its harsh and often violent treatment of the Palestinians and afford them due civil rights. A majority vote by the Palestinians will show the world that they agree Israel has a right to exist in peace. To create lasting peace, the Israelis must give up the Western attitude that "Might makes Right." All violence is terror, and both sides must stand down and stop the hate mongering. The Palestinians must acknowledge Israel is there to stay in their native Jewish homeland. The area was Judea long before the occupying Romans named it Palestine and engaged in genocide against the Jewish people.

Step Three: Create a Palestinian Nation in the occupied West Bank. The Jewish Settlements must ALL be removed or come under total Palestinian control and laws. Israeli settlers would be resettled back to Jerusalem. No whining. Jewish access to Masada and other important Jewish historical sites such as Qumran must be maintained to preserve the peace and honor the Jewish heritage. Israel will gain full control of the Old City and the Temple Mount and the Muslim Quarter would be resettled with Israeli citizens in trade for the West Bank settlements. Jerusalem should be returned to the Israelis and the Muslim Quarter dismantled. Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, and not even a part of a new Palestinian state. The Jerusalem question has blocked all peace treaties for many decades.

Step Four: Give the Gaza Strip back to Egypt and return the area to its original configuration prior to the 1967 Six-Day War when it all changed. Egypt can figure out what to do with its fellow Muslims and how best to create peace there, but meanwhile Egyptian police are in control, not the terrorist Hamas. Forget imposing Western ideals upon Muslim nations. Let it be a Muslim solution within Egypt.  Let Egypt administer Gaza as a transition to independence.

Step Five. Finally, return the Temple Mount and the entire Old City to the Jewish People and Israel. Even though the Israelis currently control Jerusalem, the Temple Mount is controlled by a local Muslim authority which bans Jews from visiting their own Mount! (All non-Muslims are banned. Being a non-Muslim, I was not allowed to enter the Dome of the Rock.) This is an incredible capitulation by the Israelis of their own history to appease the Muslims worldwide. Historical facts support that the Jews legally owned this structure and it was taken from them by force without compensation (Jerusalem has been sacked 27 times since Solomon built the first Holy Jewish Temple). They have a right under God and by international law to reclaim it and build the Holy Third Temple there, as soon as they want to. That would mean moving the iconic gold-covered Dome of the Rock and the Islamic El Aqsa Mosque to Mecca, where they rightfully belong: on true Islamic soil. The building of these structures following the Muslim Invasion of Northern Africa was tantamount to religious rape and should not be tolerated in a peace treaty. Control of the Mount is the ultimate key to the ENTIRE Mideast peace problem. President Carter at Camp David could not reach any agreement over the disposition of the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the ultimate roadblock to Mideast Peace. Dismantle the Muslim Quarter and return the entire Temple Mount to its rightful owners and the controversy over Jerusalem will eventually disappear. The Muslim community would likely never agree to dismantling their beloved Dome of the Rock, but it truly is a form of on-going religious rape and must be removed from the Mount forever. This is the hardest step, and will be resisted by the Muslim community worldwide. However, it must be done. It is the right course of action.

And, regarding the Mount and its contents, I have a personal prediction given to me by the Spirit World. I was firmly told that in my lifetime, likely before 2025, one of the structures currently on top of the Temple Mount will be destroyed! Whether from an act of God or an act of War, the time is near for the Holy Third Temple to be built. God will intervene to change the course of the Temple Mount. That is my prediction.

Now that should upset just about everybody...   

After Guttenberg invented the printing press in 1450,so, 600 years maybe.
Western Wailing Wall, Temple Mount
We can thank the Guardian and the remaining Free Press in America for leaking the truth about the American Government's domestic spying programs. Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old, former NSA contractor, is now the subject of an American arrest warrant  to imprison the young whistle-blower. His crime? Telling the truth about domestic spying (or as the government would say, violating the terms of his signed non-disclosure agreement... and treason by virtue of exposing State secrets.)
Snowden told the Guardian that he realized he was risking incarceration by revealing the government’s spying programs, but he wanted the public to know the truth about the massive domestic surveillance being conducted by the Obama Administration that routinely invalidates your right to privacy.
“What they’re doing poses an existential threat to democracy”, he warned, and also said that the NSA “routinely lies to Congress,” which would be a crime. Snowden has become a man without a country and without a passport, on the run from the US injustice system.
What is your secret government doing? Once upon a time, it was Gay Edgar Hoover spying on the rich and powerful to blackmail them and control the country. The NSA has access to all of your phone records. Who you talk to is not private. If you are a reporter doing a story on the government's criminal actions, you may have all of your contacts compromised by this new reality of Big Brother watching you. They also look at every web site you go to, if they so choose. They routinely record every single cell phone conversation in US airwaves and use automated algorithms to search billions of conversations for key words, like "bomb' or "jihad," or maybe even "I believe in First Amendment Rights." This is an unprecedented  invasion of personal privacy. In the name of "security," we have traded away our liberty. Our Nation, founded on the principles of freedom and liberty for all, has conducted secret surveillance on over one million American subversives, people who don't like the government and so the CIA opens a file on them. This was prior to the Patriot Act, which basically took away many of our rights.
For all the flag waving hullabaloo about democracy and justice and freedom for all, America is sorely lacking in all.

In my experience, true democracy only exists in Israel, where all political sides are given a voice and a vote, albeit chaotic at times. The USA is not a true democracy, as we saw clearly in the presidential elections of 2000.
I fear my own secret government MORE than I fear foreign terrorists. Men in Black really exist in America..

PictureThe Coca plant.
The Federal Drug Schedule places coca and cocaine into the same category, as though they are the same thing. This is not true, and is clearly misleading.
I used to have a magic mushroom grower who shopped in my store. He once told me that he liked cocaine because it was an "herbal extract." Since I sold genuine herbal extracts and eschewed drugs of any kind, I wondered if he was ignorant of how pure extracts are made, or if he was ignorant about all the chemicals used in the processing, manufacturing and diluting of the white powder drug. This is s perfect example of Americans not understanding the difference.
Coca leaf use has never been a problem in South America. Americans are  the market for the white drug made from this sacred plant. The plant itself is useful to native peoples. 
Traditional medicinal uses of coca were as a stimulant to overcome exhaustion, hunger, and thirst, and also as an anesthetic to alleviate the pain of rheumatism, wounds, sores, broken bones, and childbirth. Coca is still chewed in the traditional way, with a tiny quantity of ilucta ( the ashes of quinoa straw mixed with unslaked lime and water, then made into a paste and dried) added to the coca leaves, which softens their astringent taste and activates the alkaloids.
The practice of chewing coca was likely a matter of survival in the harsh environment of the Andes above 14,000 feet. The boost in energy and strength provided by the coca leaves was overtly functional at an altitude where oxygen is thin and extensive walking is common. Coca leaves were and still are used to alleviate altitude sickness. The coca leaf is rich in protein and contains a healthy variety of vitamins.  Since it grows in harsh regions where other food resources are scarce, it has value as a food resource for local indiginous peoples that have used it for millennia.
Cocaine (the drug) manufacturing uses lots of kerosene or gasoline, sulfuric acid and ammonia. Smaller amounts of bleach, parafins, quick lime, caustic soda and cement powder are added to the brew. The raw powder is later refined in a lab with even more chemicals: acetone and hydrochloric acid. That becomes the very impure drug, cocaine, though not very pure.
Alkaloidal impurities that have been identified at significant levels in illicit natural cocaine include N-acetylnorcocaine, 2,3-didehydroecgonine, 2,3-didehydroecgonine methyl ester, benzoic acid, benzoyl ecgonine, N-benzoyl norecgonine methyl ester, trans-cinnamic acid, cis- and trans-cinnamoylcocaine, cis- and trans-cinnamoylecgonine, ecgonine, methyl ecgonine, N-formylcocaine, N-norcocaine, N-norecgonine, tropacocaine, all five diastereoisomeric truxillic acids, all eleven diastereoisomeric truxillines, and all six diastereoisomeric truxinic acids.

Then the cocaine powder is further cut or diluted with one or more of the following chemicals:
Lactose, mannitol, niacinamide, bensocaine, lidocaine, procaine, acetaminophen, atropine, caffeine, hydrozine, methylephedrine, diltiazen, methylphenidate (Ritalin), phenacetin, levamisole, etc.
The latter, a pharmaceutical grade veterinary dewormer and a research immuno-modulator, is the latest cutting agent for the drug, cocaine.

Coca leaves are on a par with coffee beans, chemically. People who snort coke are getting gasoline, animal dewormers and cement powder up their nose. How sexy.

Every American Cocaine purchase helps fund Cartel Violence from Columbia to Mexico.
Your money is used to kill people.

Plants are NOT Drugs.
Drugs are not plants.

Cocaine Adulterants

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol, APAP)

Common pain killer, analgesic and fever reducer; can cause liver damage at higher doses, particularly when combined with alcohol.

Atropine (rare)

Anti-muscarinic with various clinical applications. Severe adverse effects possible, including amnesia, disorientation, visual disturbances, and coma at high doses.


Common stimulant.

Cornstarch (rare)

Used as a low-end adulterant. Easily detected but dangerous if injected.


Calcium channel blocker used in cardiovascular disease. Can cause adverse cardiovascular reactions, fainting, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.


Sedative, anxiolytic, antihistamine. Can cause dizziness.


Milk sugar. One of the most common substances used over the last century to cut cocaine.

Levamisole, Anthelmintic

A de-wormer and immunomodulator, can cause nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness. Increasingly found in cocaine supplies, associated with cases of reversible immune system dysfunction.

Lidocaine, Procaine

Local anesthetics, used as cocaine diluents to mimic the numbing effect of cocaine. Can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tremors, and convulsions. Lidocaine's presence in cocaine seems to be in decline.

Mannitol (Mannite)

A sugar alcohol and a diuretic that makes cocaine more sweet tasting.


A stimulant chemical.


Analgesic and fever reducer, withdrawn by the U.S. FDA in 1983 because of possible carcinogenicity and kidney toxicity. Increasingly used as a primary adulterant.


An odorless, bitter chemical used to cut cocaine and heroin. Dangerous when injected.

Talc (magnesium trisilicate)

A soft mineral, pharmacologically inert. Very dangerous to inject.

May, 2013, Mendocino County, CA: County officials announced they had reached an agreement with federal prosecutors on stopping the feds' legal foray into the county's medical marijuana growers' program, which keeps grower information on file for County Sheriff use only. No personal information from the county's program will be released to US Attorney Melinda Haag. In October, 2012, Haag had demanded just about anything to do with the marijuana program: names and locations of all pot gardeners, county bank records, "any and all" legal correspondence, etc. The county fought back, hiring a San Francisco attorney to fight Haag's nasty federal subpoena. For now, the feds have backed down.
Earlier in March of 2012, the Feds raided Jim Lee's outlets in Oakland, serving warrants on his home, his Oaksterdam University and two of his retail medical marijuana outlets. They are threatening to take over his land as well.
Meanwhile, Various cities such as Concord have banned outdoor marijuana grows, and other cities are raiding legal medical marijuana outlets statewide, including here in San Jose where over 100 are still open for business.
In May, 2013, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates criticized U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag for harassing the Berkeley Patients Group. The popular, State-legal medical cannabis dispensary in Berkeley faces federal forfeiture efforts from Haag yet again, leading to a press conference where town leaders defended the Better Business Bureau member and criticized the female U.S. Attorney for trampling on City business codes and State's Rights.
Meanwhile, some counties in California (NOT Mendocino) are still cooperating with the Feds to bust State-legal grows, sharing intelligence and manpower. Law enforcement officials are still taking over bank accounts of small California pot growers. Small California growers are still being harassed by State and County police in helicopters, who confiscate legal plants and illegally use live Satellite imaging to spy on suspected growers. The war is not over, and the good guys and bad guys have become so blurred, nobody can see clearly: certainly not Haag. 
Haag's statement, with my commentary: “The marijuana industry has caused significant public health and safety problems (such as? -DD) in rural communities, urban centers and schools in the Northern District of California (aren't all schools either in rural or urban areas by definition? -DD). Because some believe marijuana has medicinal value (beliefs attributed to facts and science -DD), however, we continue to take a measured approach and have only pursued asset forfeiture actions with respect to marijuana retail sales operations very near schools, parks or playgrounds, at the request of local law enforcement, or in one case, because of the sheer size of its distribution operations." Sheer size and politics are the real truth. Local law enforcement can do its own enforcement, and city permits already limit proximity to schools and thumb suckers.
The response from Berkeley City Council member Darryl Moore: "To see the atrocities of our Department of Justice, it's just outlandish and needs to be stopped."
And from National Cannabis Industry Association president Aaron Smith: "U.S. Attorney Haag's views on marijuana policy are out of step with those of the vast majority of voters in her state, and her office is acting in direct conflict with the Department of Justice’s 2009 Ogden Memo, which set a policy to respect state law in matters involving medical cannabis. It's high time for the Obama Administration to put a stop to this rogue activity and review all pending federal medical marijuana cases for compliance with stated administration policy. One has no choice but to question DOJ's allegiances when tax dollars are being used to close down an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau to further the economic interests of criminal cartels."

The Federal, Anti-Medical Marijuana Woman Warrior:

US Attorney Ms. Melinda Haag, blatantly ignoring her department's own Ogden Memo.
Just Say NO to the Feds.


      Contact Datura Don, webmaster.


    Dateline Nov., 2016
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    Dateline Jan., 2016
    White Buffalo Trading joins a Class Action lawsuit against Paypal for violating Federal laws regarding closed accounts and illegally frozen assets.

    Dateline May, 2015
    US Bankers join War on Sacred Plants. PayPal shuts down White Buffalo Trading website. Upset over seed descriptions that tell the truth, PayPal banned the owner of WBT for life and froze over $7,000 in funds.

    Dateline May, 2014
    Amendment 25 to H.R. 4660, an Appropriations bill, marks the first time in history that Congress has voted (219-189) in favor of ending the federal DEA’s funding to attack medical marijuana outlets. After six previous failed attempts to pass similar legislation, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) proposed Amendment 25, which passed with a record “high” 49 Republicans joining all 170 Democrats to vote for the pot provision. In the previous attempts, no more than 15 Republicans voted in favor.

    Dateline Jan. 1, 2014

    First day legal Cannabis sales were over $1 Million in Colorado.

    Dateline Jan. 13, 2014
    Obama's Feds raid more than a dozen State-legal pot shops in Colorado.

    Dateline Dec., 2013

    Uruguay Legalizes Weed! The Government will grow and sell weed in 2014.


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